CMBS Deal Structuring Tool

  • The CMBS Structuring tool provides a powerful and efficient system to structure and reverse engineer CMBS deals
  • The model is adept at handling most CMBS deal structures and is a one-stop tool for analyzing collateral and bond cash-flow under multiple scenarios and calculating deal profitability
  • Our CMBS structuring tool is capable of encoding rating criteria from the concerned rating agencies and provide you with a fast, easy and efficient way to obtain comprehensive measures in order to check the quality of collateral against required rating parameters.
  • The model is powered by our proprietary cash-flow engine which also provides detailed note level cash-flow for companion loan structures.
  • The structuring tool will provide a user-interface to design the deal waterfall and run bond cashflow under different assumptions and stress scenarios to test the required credit enhancement level for each bond. Finally, the bond pricing screen will calculate parameters like yield, WAL, Yield, duration, principal-window etc.
  • Tool’s user-interface provide users with detailed Price/Yield analysis, deal pricing and generating stratification reports

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